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Motorcycles park free at LAX Los Angeles International Airport      

Someone told me that motorcycles park for free at LAX Los Angeles International Airport.  I checked the LAX website and it says all you need to do is ride your motorcycle to the parking garage near the terminal, ride around the gate without taking a ticket, and park somewhere other than a car space.  In most of the garages you will find a place where other people have parked motorcycles.  That's where I park.  Some people cover their motorcycles and some even lock their motorcycles to the railing on the wall of the parking garage.  I choose to ride an old motorcycle that no one would want to steal, my trusty 1982 Honda XL500R.  If the motorcycle parked next to you are worth more than yours, you don't have to worry.  I don't know how many motorcycles are stolen from the airport, but with all of the security, there probably aren't many motorcycle thefts at LAX airport.  The parking lot is right across the street from baggage claim, the closest parking you can get.  When you leave the airport parking garage, go to the pay booth, and the attendant will wave for you to ride your motorcycle around the gate without paying.  I was nervous the first time I did this, but it works.  See my YouTube video above to see exactly what the motorcycle parking area by airport terminal one looks like and how close it is to the terminal.  It's the closest airport parking you can get, and it's free!  The cars parked there have to pay $30 per day, so this is a tremendous savings. 

The official LAX airport website says this: 

"Parking for motorcycles is free inside the Central Terminal Area parking structures.
When entering, drive carefully around the entrance gate arm and DO NOT take a ticket. Do not park in a space for a car. A motorcycle may be parked at the ends of rows, in corners, and in other spaces provided it does not block passenger traffic, paths for the disabled, automobile traffic, doors, elevators, driveways, etc. When exiting, drive carefully around the exit gate arms. Entering/exiting a lot via a sidewalk is not allowed."

If you are a motorcyclist, you should take advantage of all of the benefits you can find.  Free parking at the airport is great, and if you look around and start asking questions, you will find other places to park for free.  In Los Angeles many parking garages offer free parking for motorcycles, including UCLA college.  In parking garages, don't take a ticket, or you will screw up their accounting.  Ride around the gate on the way in and out, and don't park in a car spot.  If you can, go to the website of the place you are visiting, or call and ask if motorcycles park for free.  I've also parked on sidewalks in Los Angeles and never got a ticket, but I don't know how legal it is.  Everyone does it in San Francisco, but in Los Angeles it's less common.  If you do park on a sidewalk, be polite about it and leave room for people to walk and don't do it if your motorcycle leaks a lot of oil.


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